Wed 04 Sep 2019 15:13

Updating Family Registration and Payment of Membership Fees

Under the RFU's new Regulation 15 the following age groups have to Re-Register this season to ensure that up to date information is held on the database. This includes details such as medical conditions, emergency contacts etc:
An email has been sent to all these age groups requesting that parents log in and Update Family Registration. All details must be checked and updated if incorrect.
All age groups will have to go this process over the next few seasons.
With such high usage, the GMS system has had some major performance issues, which are now being resolved. In the meantime please remain patient when trying to log in, update and pay fees.
Please contact me if problems persist and I will hopefully be able to help or refer your case to GMS support.
Thank you for your patience at this very busy part of the season.
Philippa O'Grady
Youth Registrar

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